Save on Greenhouse Heating Costs with Thermal Curtains

Reduce heat loss in your greenhouse by installing thermal curtains

Exterior view of greenhouse with thermal heat curtains

Heat loss in greenhouses and indoor grow spaces forces gas heaters to work harder to maintain the temperatures crops need to thrive, increasing your utility costs. Installing thermal curtains, also known as heat-saving shade cloth, in your facility can reduce the burden on your heaters by acting as a thermal barrier between plants and the roof of your facility. When temperatures rise, this easy-to-install technology can also provide shade to your crops while reflecting away radiant heat, providing year-round cost savings and benefits to your grow operations.

The Agriculture Energy Savings Action Plan (AESAP) has cash rebates available to help offset the cost of installing shade cloth in your facility.

Shade cloth can offer many benefits to your facility, including:

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Reduced strain on
gas heaters

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More shade
for crops

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plant growth

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light pollution

You may also qualify for this rebate if you:

  • Recently installed a shade cloth — you may be eligible for a retroactive rebate.

  • Are looking to install light deprivation or blackout systems.

Learn how much you can save by installing shade cloth with our calculator below:

Shade Cloth Rebate Calculator

Rebates apply only to agricultural greenhouses heated with natural gas supplied by PG&E. Greenhouses on residential gas meters or using other heating fuels such as propane are not eligible.

Greenhouse Heat Source
Greenhouse Type


Estimated savings are based on an average PG&E gas rate of $1.25 per therm and typical greenhouse conditions. Actual savings may vary based on local climate variability, greenhouse design and operation, heating system efficiency, and your individual gas rate.

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