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The Agriculture Energy Savings Action Plan (AESAP) helps agriculture operations by offering a variety of rebates, incentives, and financing options to help your operation reduce energy usage and costs.

Upgrading ventilation, irrigation, and other critical systems with more energy-efficient options is one way to reduce your overhead, improve production, and preserve natural resources.

How We Can Help

Cash Rebates

Buy qualifying energy efficient equipment and get a cash rebate.

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No-Cost Technical Support

Assistance through application process and program participation

Contractor Suggestions

Help finding a qualified contractor to assist with your project.

No-Cost Energy Evaluation

On-site inspection and personalized energy-saving action plans

Financing Assistance

Resources to help finance energy efficiency projects

Why Energy Efficiency?

Agricultural businesses throughout the Pacific Gas and Electric service area have tremendous opportunities for cost reduction and energy savings through energy efficiency upgrades. Upgrading to more efficient equipment benefits businesses by reducing operating and maintenance costs and improving performance.

The rebates offered by AESAP help improve ROI and reduce payback time. The public benefits from reduced energy grid stress, improved power reliability and a reduction in the need for future power plants – creating a cleaner community. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our Objectives:

Identify energy efficiency opportunities

Help reduce operating costs

Improve service and environmental quality

Reduce waste and emissions

Facilitate installation of efficiency upgrades

Who We Serve

A map of California showing PG&E service coverage

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an existing PG&E Agriculture gas or electric customer on a qualifying rate schedule

  • Customer must pay Public Purpose Program (PPP) Surcharge on PG&E bill. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact AESAP for confirmation.

  • Be within PG&E’s service area within the following divisions:

  • Humboldt
  • North Valley
  • Sierra
  • Sacramento
  • Sonoma
  • Yosemite
  • De Anza
  • East Bay
  • Diablo
  • Peninsula
  • Stockton
  • Central Coast
  • Los Padres
  • Kern
  • Fresno
  • North Bay
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Mission

Ways To Save

There are two primary ways agriculture operations can save through the AESAP program:


Cash rebates to help replace specific equipment with energy-saving substitutes

Pre-approval before a project:

Not necessary if project contains ONLY incentives listed in our standard rebates list.

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Custom Incentives

Cash incentives for equipment not listed in the rebate catalog that provide energy savings for larger projects.

Pre-approval before a project:

AESAP must pre-approve this project BEFORE the purchase or installation of products or equipment.

learn more about custom incentives

Meet The Team

Outreach Staff - Andy

Andy Gustafson

Program Manager



Outreach Staff - Susie

Susanne Lehre

Ag Sector Lead



Outreach Staff - Glen

Glen LaPalme

Engineering Manager



Akshay Narkar

Finance Lead



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