TRC's Agriculture Energy Savings Action Plan offers cash incentives for energy-saving projects involving the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems. Whether your business is a winery, dairy or livestock farm or multi-building cultivation facility, we have solutions that can help you save energy and money. You can start by finding your savings opportunities on the Savings by Business Type section, or if you know what you want to upgrade, by exploring the Savings by Equipment section. Below you will find more information and guidelines on our programs, how they are structured, the specific incentives available and how you can get started saving, no matter the scope of your project.


Our Rebates provide cash payments to help customers upgrade specific equipment with established energy savings. The rebate is a pre-determined dollar value per unit installed, and your total rebate can be calculated in our application tool. Contact us for a full list of equipment eligible for Fast-Track Incentives or take a look at our Custom Incentives for more ways to save.

Fast Track

Custom Incentives

Your facility is special and your energy efficiency project should be too. In addition to our Rebates, our program also provides customized, calculated incentives for savings, ensuring your building can achieve optimal efficiency, no matter what you need to upgrade. Customized incentives are determined by the amount of energy saved and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. The program provides free engineering services to quantify the energy savings and offer an incentive value for the energy saving measure. Contact us to get started with an Energy Plan specific to your facility to help you navigate the available savings opportunities.

Pre Approval

Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC)

For customers with existing buildings, TRC also provides NMEC Incentives for capital projects aiming to reduce energy use beyond the relevant building codes. These incentives are a great way to ensure your facility achieves long-term energy use reduction and provide measurable ROI on efficiency projects. NMEC projects exclude new construction, added load or capacity expansion, and incentives are paid based on the overall energy use reduction, as recorded through measurement and verification.



We have you covered, with several ways to help finance your energy efficiency project.

On-Bill Financing

On-Bill Financing offers 0% interest loans where the energy savings pays off the loan on your bill. This is available for incentive-qualifying projects or for projects that save energy but do not qualify for an incentive. Non-residential customers will have access to loans of up to $250,000. For those projects that represent a unique energy savings opportunity, PG&E can approve loans up to $4M.

GoGreen Financing

Administered by the State of California and supported by the state’s investor-owned utilities, the Small Business Financing (SBF) program offers financing with attractive terms for energy-efficiency improvements to businesses. SBF’s participating finance companies offer quick approval on leases, loans, and service agreements with monthly payments to meet your budget. Visit to learn more